ICMPhotoMag Network Community
2021 Member Exhibition

Over the past six months, the members of this private community have been given five different themes to explore, both literally and conceptually, along their own unique and personal ICM journeys.  Members have been provided articles, exercises, presentations, videos, live sessions, and more, to inspire and encourage them to play with their imaginations, to have fun exploring their creativity more deeply, and to experiment with new ways of seeing and being with their cameras.  The members have responded brilliantly to each theme, creating amazing new images that have stretched the boundaries of what is possible.

We are extremely proud of the creative work the members of this special community have done, and this virtual exhibition is a celebration of their collective and individual artistry.  Each member was eligible to submit one image per theme category, and a total of 356 images were submitted by 81 members.

The submissions were then carefully curated by theme, with Kaisa, Morag, and Stephanie selecting 20 final images to be displayed in each curated theme gallery, for a total of 100 curated images.  A total of 81 members participated in the exhibition, and all members who participated have at least one image selected for one of the curated galleries.

To view the individual curated galleries, visit the links below.  The full submissions from each member can be viewed on their individual profile pages, by visiting the Member Profiles page. 

Curated Galleries

Curated by the ICMPhotoMag Network Community Mentors

Please feel free to share this virtual exhibition as a way to show support for the amazing photographers represented on this site.

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